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Part 1–Objects and principles of devolved government

Article 174: Objects of devolution

Article 175: Principles of devolved government

Part 2–County governments

Article 176: County governments

Article 177: Membership of county assembly

Article 178: Speaker of a county assembly

Article 179: County executive committees

Article 180: Election of county governor and deputy county governor

Article 181: Removal of a county governor

Article 182: Vacancy in the office of county governor

Article 183: Functions of county executive committees

Article 184: Urban areas and cities

Article 185: Legislative authority of county assemblies

Part 3–Functions and powers of county governments

Article 186: Respective functions and powers of national and county governments

Article 187: Transfer of functions and powers between levels of government

Part 4–The boundaries of counties

Article 188: Boundaries of counties

Part 5–Relationships between governments

Article 189: Cooperation between national and county governments

Article 190: Support for county governments

Article 191: Conflict of laws

Part 6–Suspension of county governments

Article 192: Suspension of county government

Article 193: Qualifications for election as member of county assembly

Article 194: Vacation of office of member of county assembly

Article 195: County assembly power to summon witnesses

Article 196: Public participation and county assembly powers, privileges and immunities

Article 197: County assembly gender balance and diversity

Article 198: County government during transition

Article 199: Publication of county legislation

Article 200: Legislation on Chapter

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