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Chapter Four

Part 1 - General Provisions relating to the Bill of Rights

Article 19: Rights and fundamental Freedoms

Article 20: Application of Bill of Rights

Article 21: Implementation of rights and fundamental freedoms

Article 22: Enforcement of Bill of Rights

Article 23: Authority of courts to uphold and enforce the Bill of Rights

Article 24: Limitations of rights or fundamental freedoms

Article 25: Fundamental Rights and freedoms that may not be limited

Part 2 - Rights and fundamental freedoms

Article 26: Rights to life

Article 27: Equality and freedom from discrimination

Article 28: Human dignity

Article 29: Freedom and security of the person

Article 30: Slavery servitude and forced labour

Article 31: Privacy

Article 32: Freedom of conscience, religion, belief and opinion

Article 33: Freedom of expression

Article 34: Freedom of the media

Article 35: Access to information

Article 36: Freedom of Association

Article 37: Assembly, demonstration, picketing and petition

Article 38: Political rights

Article 39: Freedom of movement and residence

Article 40: Protection of right to property

Article 41: Labour relations

Article 42: Environment

Article 43: Economic and social rights

Article 44: Language and culture

Article 45: Family

Article 46: Consumer rights

Article 47: Fair administrative action

Article 48: Access to justice

Article 49: Rights of arrested person

Article 50: Fair hearing

Article 51: Rights of persons detained, held in custody or imprisoned

part 3 - specific application of rights

Article 52: Interpretation of Part

Article 53: Children

Article 54: Persons with disabilities

Article 55: Youth

Article 56: Minority and marginalized groups

Article 57: Old members of society

Part 4 - state of Emergency

Article 58: State of emergency

Part 5 - Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission

Article 59: Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission

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