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Part 1–Establishment and role of Parliament

Article 93: Establishment of Parliament

Article 94: Role of Parliament

Article 95: Role of the National Assembly

Article 96: Role of the Senate

Part 2–Composition and membership of Parliament

Article 97: Membership of the National Assembly

Article 98: Membership of the Senate

Article 99: Qualifications and disqualifications for election as member of Parliament

Article 100: Promotion of representation of marginalised groups

Article 101: Election of members of Parliament

Article 102: Term of Parliament

Article 103: Vacation of office of member of Parliament

Article 104: Right of recall

Article 105: Determination of questions of membership

Part 3–Offices of Parliament

Article 106: Speakers and Deputy Speakers of Parliament

Article 107: Presiding in Parliament

Article 108: Party leaders

Part 4–Procedures for enacting legislation

Article 109: Exercise of legislative powers

Article 110: Bills concerning county government

Article 111: Special Bills concerning county governments

Article 112: Ordinary Bills concerning county governments

Article 113: Mediation committees

Article 114: Money Bills

Article 115: Presidential assent and referral

Article 116: Coming into force of laws

Part 5–Parliament's general procedures and rules

Article 117: Powers, privileges and immunities

Article 118: Public access and participation

Article 119: Right to petition Parliament

Article 120: Official languages of Parliament

Article 121: Quorum

Article 122: Voting in Parliament

Article 123: Decisions of Senate

Article 124: Committees and Standing Orders

Article 125: Power to call for evidence

Part 6–Miscellaneous

Article 126: Location of sittings of Parliament

Article 127: Parliamentary Service Commission

Article 128: Clerks and staff of Parliament

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