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Part 1 – Principles and Structure of the National Executive

Article 129: Principles of executive authority

Article 130: The National Executive

Part 2 – The President and Deputy President

Article 131: Authority of the President

Article 132: Functions of the President

Article 133: Power of mercy

Article 134: Exercise of presidential powers during temporary incumbency

Article 135: Decisions of the President

Article 136: Election of the President

Article 137: Qualifications and disqualifications for election as President

Article 138: Procedure at presidential election

Article 139: Death before assuming office

Article 140: Questions as to validity of presidential election

Article 141: Assumption of office of President

Article 142: Term of office of President

Article 143: Protection from legal proceedings

Article 144: Removal of President on grounds of incapacity

Article 145: Removal of President by impeachment

Article 146: Vacancy in the office of President

Article 147: Functions of the Deputy President

Article 148: Election and swearing-in of Deputy President

Article 149: Vacancy in the office of Deputy President

Article 150: Removal of Deputy President

Article 151: Remuneration and benefits of President and Deputy President

Part 3–The Cabinet

Article 152: Cabinet

Article 153: Decisions, responsibility and accountability of the Cabinet

Article 154: Secretary to the Cabinet

Article 155: Principal Secretaries

Part 4–Other offices

Article 156: Attorney-General

Article 157: Director of Public Prosecutions

Article 158: Removal and resignation of Director of Public Prosecutions

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